What to wear

Figuring out what to wear for your pictures can be hard. Below are our best suggestions! If you have a question feel free to shoot us an email-we'd love to help.

While picking out your outfits remember-

Don't pick out something you'd otherwise never wear, stay true to you and pick out something that you like and feel comfortable in. :)

What to pick out-

One Casual Outfit- Unless you dress up all the time this is the clothes that look the most like you. 
One Dressy Outfit- Time to break out the favorite dress or skirt! Guys, dress pants and shirt are a must.

Want to bring more? Bring a Fun Outfit- Wear your favorite team or school pride!

We will tell you which outfit to show up in. 

Helpful Hints

Don't try to match

Or even be too coordinated. Just wear colors that look good together. 

Don't wear shirts (or pants!) with Prints and Logos.

Just don't. They will be distracting from you! 

do accessorize and layer

Jewelry, cardigans, scarves, hats, nice jackets, etc...

do remember shoes

They will be in the pictures so don't just throw on your old tennis shoes!


Bring walking shoes- there's a good chance we're going to do some walking. You can always change into your nice shoes when we are taking pictures.

Be prepared for the weather- bring a jacket or gloves if it's going to be cold, etc...

Girls- it's totally fine to get your hair and make up done if you want-but don't go over board, we want you still to look like yourself!